Super Food for SuperMums


Mum (n.)

Teacher, listener, doctor, chauffeur, baker, banker, chef, peacemaker, friend… SUPERHERO.


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Have you ever wondered how your mum was able to do all of these jobs and more? It is most likely because your mum is, in fact, a SuperMum. No matter her age, the SuperMum has a unique ability to get everything done, and still remind us to eat our vegetables. We asked some friends and customers from Element Fresh to share their own SuperMum’s super power:

"I think my mum’s superpower is that she seems to know everything about everything. 

She’s like a doctor, life coach, teacher and relationship guru all in one!  " - Amie

"Super hearing- that would be my mum’s special power. 

This has got me into trouble once or twice, especially when I’m doing something I shouldn’t be! " - Vincent


"My mum has always been a great role-model, showing me how to balance work and family. 

Through her strong example, I feel more confident being a young, working mum myself." - Rachel


"My mum’s superpower definitely has to be her cooking.

 No matter what’s happening in my life, I know my mum’s cooking will make it all better. " - Ricky

So how do you fuel a SuperMum, to make sure that she can continue saving the day all year round? Why not try Element Fresh’s Spring Summer Super Food menu, which has everything a SuperMum needs to continue being.. super! This Mothers’ Day, Element fresh has everything you need to treat her to a healthy, nutritious and delicious dish, to show her just how much you appreciate her super powers.



What's more, we have got some special gifts to really treat your SuperMum this Mother’s day. For every mum who visits Element Fresh this Sunday (14th May)  there will be a free glass of sparking wine (or any fresh juice 330ml) and a speical gift, so it's never been easier to show your mum just how much she means to you!


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