Freshness First: Behind the scenes at the Element Fresh Central Kitchen



What do you look for when you go to a restaurant for the first time? A good menu? A friendly waiter? How about their food safety rating? Although this may not have been your first answer, here at Element Fresh we know how important quality is in creating good food. We set ourselves the highest standards in food preparation, making sure your food is the best it can be from our kitchen to your plate.


A great place to see just how much we care about food is in the Element Fresh Central Preparation Kitchen. This 3500-square meter hub is supporting over 20 restaurants with top quality ingredients – so that our chefs in the Element Fresh restaurants can focus 100% on preparing your food for you. Now that’s  a lot of safe, fresh ingredients that have to be prepared every day! In such a busy environment, it is key to make sure that strict protocol is followed so that food stays fresh, tasty and safe. That’s why we are proud to display our food safety certificate, whose big smiling face reminds us how important these standards are.



Here are just a few ways that we keep that fresh element in our food:


Ingredient inspection

When fresh vegetables and meats are delivered to the Central Preparation Kitchen, they are sent to “THE LAB” for inspection. Only after ensuring that all indicators are according to our high standards will ingredients be prepared for Element Fresh favorites.



Water quality

Because it doesn’t get any fresher than raw, here at Element Fresh we love our raw ingredients. But to make sure there aren’t any nasty surprises in your Caesar Salad, all raw foods are lovingly washed several times before they make it to our restaurants. Our specially-designed ‘RO (reverse osmosis) Water’ cleaning process uses the purest of filtered water to make sure all ingredients are at their fresh, tasty best. 



Keeping it clean


Cross contamination is one of the most important issues in food processing and production. To avoid this, we have dedicated time and effort to making sure our kitchens are safe working spaces. We have separate preparation stations for different types of food (there are dozens of separate rooms at our Central Preparation Kitchen), provide in-depth training to team members and inspect work processes and results all the time, so 100% of our attention goes in to food quality.  


Staying cool

Most fresh ingredients are at their best when cool, so our Central Kitchen uses the latest chilling technology to maximize freshness.  This means getting food down to a chilly 4 degrees within the first 1.5 hours. Although we try our best to use fresh produce, when frozen ingredients are required we use the latest defrosting technology which allows food to defrost naturally. This way we can make sure that the ingredients stay as fresh as the day they were picked.


These are just some of the many ways that show how much we care about the food we serve at Element Fresh. If you’re as passionate about food quality as we are, leave a comment below telling us your top fresh food tips. All comments will be in with a chance of winning a ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour of our Central Kitchen, followed by a free Element Fresh dining experience.



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