【Available Time:16:00-20:00】Merlot,Fetzer Anthony's Hill,California,USA(glass)


1.Not to be exchanged for cash.

2.Not applicable with any other promotions.

3.The picture is only for reference.

4.Not available on special holidays such as: New Year's Holiday, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, ChingMing Festival, Labour Day, The Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, Christmas Day and Chinese Valentine Day. Neither for Li Na dishes. 

5.This coupon is available all restaurants(except Shanghai Xin Tian Di, Beijing San Li Tun, Pudong Airport). Dine-in only. Not valid with delivery service.

6.The period of validity is 30 days from the redmption date, and becomes invalid upon expiration.

7.Only can use between 16:00 to 20:00

Remarks:Special holiday of 2018 such as: New Year 's Holiday(Dec.30-Jan.1), Chinese New Year(Feb.15-Feb.21), Ching Ming Festival(Apr.5-Apr.7), Labour day(Apr.29-May.1), The Dragon Boat Festival(Jun.16-Jun.18), Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival(Sep.22-Sep.24), National Day(Oct.1-Oct.7), Christmas Day excluded(Dec.24-Dec.26).

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