Pawsome Combo of fresh meals 5 packs for dogs, 175 gram


Pawsome is a German owned fresh pet food company based in Shanghai and founded in 2016. Pawsome specializes in providing species appropriate fresh meal diets for cats and dogs, offering standard fresh meals for healthy pets and meal customizations for pets with health issues. All fresh meal recipes are designed by co-founder Karolina Weiss who is a German certified and licensed animal nutritionist. 

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For dogs 


Fresh Diet combination package (175g*5 packs) suitable for tasting and transitioning to fresh food. 


Combo package includes:


Chicken with Atlantic mackerel... . 2 packs (18 yuan / package)

* easy to digest and ideal for pets with a history of pancreatitis


Quackaberry, duck with wild sardines and cranberries... . 1 pack (18 yuan / package)

* contains cranberries that are important for urinary tract health


Beef Gourmet, beef with Atlantic mackerel... . 1 pack (19 yuan / package)

*great for muscle growth, a source of energy, reduces fatigue


Lamb & Beef Feast with Atlantic mackerel... . 1 pack (20 yuan / package)

*great for heart health, a good source of selenium and zinc

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